Thwax! (thwax) wrote in wittegenpress,

Coming next week, paranormal M/M e-short: Forgotten Soul

Forgotten Soul
by Tasha D-Drake

John is fully trained in 'personal service', only his clients come with fangs. However, when he meets Michael, his professional detachment is put at risk.

"How do you feel about sex?"

The question came from Michael and interrupted his usual rehearsed speech. His appointments usually had a certain order to them, but it seemed not tonight.

"I'm at your service," he said, surprised by the question, but trying not to show it.

Some of his clients wanted sex as well, others didn't, it was all part of the job.

"That wasn't what I asked," Michael said, stepping towards him and giving him a very obvious once over. "Do you like sex or would you rather avoid it?"
Tags: author: natasha duncan-drake, type: announcement

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